Here We Go Blog!

I’ve decided to add a Blog to my website.

This feels so 2002, but away we go!

First off: this may be messy at first. I have not maintained a blog since at least 2004 and have not written much for the last a couple of years. I imagine that the process of loosening this muscle may take some weeks (a conservative estimate) and will bring with it some cringe-worthy entries, but I am resolved to push on fearlessly!

Second off: I hope to update here at least every other day and am employing all the new technology at my fingertips to remind me of this duty.

My intention for this space is share with anyone who happens upon it my thoughts, ideas and feelings on the world of psychotherapy, both professional and personally, in the hopes that it furthers the dialogue on the possibilities of what therapy can be. Another intention of this space is to explore for myself some of the assumptions that I have regarding working with people in a therapeutic environment, and teasing out if those assumptions are still valuable or not.

I know how much I have learned in the course of my education and clinical work, and also how much more that I have to learn about working with people therapeutically. I hope that by writing in this space I can facilitate some dialogue that furthers our collective abilities to find more connection to the world around us.

Until next time,