▪   Addiction

The suffering caused by addiction—both to the individual and their loved ones—can be incredibly painful. Sanitas Counseling works with individuals and couples to identify and treat the underlying causes and conditions of the addiction, as well as working on ways of creating more awareness into the unconscious, compulsive patterns that may feed it.


▪   Adolescents

Adolescence is among the most challenging time of life for any human being. Adolescents often struggle to make sense of the quickly changing world around them, while at the same time grappling with profound, confusing inner changes. Sanitas Counseling works with the adolescent to identify, engage and accept their rapidly changing universe, while remaining open to the entire spectrum of experience that life offers.

▪   Transitions

Times of transition–such as graduating from college, or becoming a first time parent– can be an incredibly exhilarating, joyful experience. At the same time, these very same experiences may induce incredible anxiety and stress, in much the same way that going back to school to train for a new profession, or contemplating the next big step with a significant other might.

Sanitas Counseling works with a diverse set of clients in transition to identify ways of coping with the inevitable stress of these experiences, to engage with the often frightening emotions that these transitions can stir up, and to become more aware of the wisdom inherent in these transitionary spaces in life.

▪   Trauma

Many clients come to therapy because they have experienced trauma in some form or another during their life that has become unbearable. These traumatic events can and do affect intimate relationships, friendships, job performance and many other facets of one’s everyday life.  Sanitas Counseling works from a base belief that traumatic events do not need to control the world that you life. Sanitas Counseling works with individuals, couples and groups to begin engaging with these traumatic events and the fallout that has come from them by reconnecting with our sense of inner brilliance, wisdom and maitri.


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